A Rectifier diode refers to the diode acts as electrical device with the main function of changing Alternating Current (AC) into Direct Current(DC.) AC regularly reverses direction, while DC flows in one direction only. Furthermore, it is widely used in power rectifier circuit. Rectifier diodes can be separated into four groups: High Voltage Rectifier (HVR,) Fast Recovery Rectifier (FRR,) High Efficiency Rectifier (HER,) and Super Fast Recovery Rectifier (SFR) by different Reverse Recovery Time (Trr.)

When the forward current stops in a rectifier diode, it will generate a reverse current for a short time. The time span from the forward current stops to the reverse current falls to zero is called Trr.




Series Watts Package Download
RS15A-RS15M 1.5A FR SMB / DO-214AA Download
US15A-US15M 1.5A HER SMB / DO-214AA Download
RS1A-RS1M 1A FR SMA / DO-214AC Download
US1A-US1M 1A HER SMA / DO-214AC Download
ES1B-ES1J 1A SFR SMA / DO-214AC Download
RS2A-RS2M 2A FR SMB / DO-214AA Download
US2A-US2M 2A HER SMB / DO-214AA Download
ES2B-ES2J 2A SFR SMB / DO-214AA Download
RS3A-RS3M 3A FR SMC / DO-214AB Download
US3A-US3M 3A HER SMC / DO-214AB Download
ES3B-ES3J 3A SFR SMC / DO-214AB Download

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